Health Gains That Come With Salsa Dancing

Fast beats, swift footwork, and some Latin flair make salsa one of the most regarded dancing styles. It brings one of the best artistic expressions. Dancing often is also a great thing to those that value general body fitness. Surprisingly, most people that love salsa are not aware of the many health benefits offered by this dance style. Here are some health benefits that come with performing the salsa dance moves.

Weight loss


If you are not comfortable with your weight, dancing salsa can be great. The good thing about dancing is that it is not boring like dancing on a treadmill or jogging around the neighborhood. A salsa dance performed at high intensity has the potential of burning close to 400 calories per hour. Considering that an hour of dancing salsa seems like a few minutes, salsa presents a perfect opportunity to shed some excess pounds in a fun way.

Enhanced flexibility and coordination

Most people tend to be less flexible and less coordinated as they grow older than they were in their youth. As much as this comes about through the aging process, it can be reversed or slowed down by enrolling in a salsa dancing class. Over time, you will realize that you become swift, agile and well coordinated. These swift movements can be a huge boost for muscle strengthening and better health.

Promotes youthfulness

Salsa dancing presents an excellent way of retaining the vitality you used to have during your youthful days. This is attributed to the fact that the entire dancing session works on your physical strength, breathing system, cardiovascular system, mind, and general health. Salsa is as effective as swimming, rope skipping, cycling, and other workouts. You only need to choose the right course for lasting benefits.

Bone health

qaASwdsSalsa dancing is great for your bones. As one grows old, bones tend to become weak. This explains why conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are common among the elderly. Salsa dancing has been found to improve the health of the bones thanks to enhanced calcium production and some feel good hormones. Thus, persons with bone related complication are advised to embrace salsa dancing.

Confidence and self-esteem

Regular dancing is bound to make you look good and feel good about how you look. As much as your first days in a salsa class can be somehow intimidating, you will soon become confident, make new friends, attend more parties, and many other social acts that will leave you feeling good about yourself.…

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