Why is it recommended to take pregnancy tests early?

A pregnancy test is taken until the week a person misses a period for the right results to be attained. One is also advised to carry out the test after fourteen days after engaging in sex. During pregnancy, levels of HCG which are detectable are developed in the body of a woman or lady. The egg’s implantation to be considered to be successful takes a period of one week to twelve days. A result which is not accurate may be attained in the early stages of the pregnancy. For the best early testing kit click on the highlighted link. The following are some of the common signs of taking a pregnancy test;

Missed period


A missed period is regarded as a reliable and primary sign of gestation. For the individuals who do not keep records of their cycle intimately, they will find to be difficult to establish the period or day when they are late or not. Majority of the women usually have a twenty-eight menstrual cycle. When a woman’s period is more than a month, one should consider taking a test. One should note in some cases one can have a late period because of too much stress, particular medical condition, diet, exercise and so on.

Having cramps

Egg implantation in the body of a person contributes to the creation of the same feeling as menstrual cramps. One may feel the discomfort at early stages of the pregnancy and conclude that her period is almost happening. One should take a pregnancy test since a level of hormones in women varies, and different experiences are experienced during pregnancy stages.

Painful breasts

The hormones which are progesterone and estrogen are produced in large quantities which make changes in the body of a person to accommodate the growth of the baby. The blood flow increases which make the breast of a woman to look bigger and feel tender at the same time. The veins under the skin may appear darker and may experience some pain on the nipple. The sign of pregnancy is considered as not being indicative.

Different feelings

Food aversions, nausea, urinating frequently and exhaustion is some of the conditions experienced during pregnancy. The symptoms are experienced significantly during the late stages of pregnancy. One should pay a lot of attention to her body to notice changes which may appear. Physical symptoms which seem to be unusual may force an individual to carry out a pregnancy test.



The various kinds of contraceptives devices such as condoms, birth control pills and so on, there a small percentage of one getting pregnant. A pregnancy which is not planned can be a result of human defects or errors.



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